Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My hubby is being "cute"
(from left to right) Melanie (jay's sister), Me , Monica (MOM-in-law), Jay, and Randy (mel's hubby)

(from left to right) Monica (our sister in law), Dennis (jay's brother>

he resembles Prince Charles ), Jay, Me!

Jay is standing on his tip-toes . His brother is over 6 ft. and Jay is almost 5'10!

Yes,....I'm very short! *sigh*

AWE!!! We're doing the cute couple pose!

the babies are wrestling at our feet...ha! ha!

Isn't my baby as cute as a button!


Anonymous said...

Well I'll be the first! :) And wow.. you are LIKE ME! hehehe My Hubby is 6'0 though, so I look REALLY short next to him :)
Cute Pictures too, and glad you was able to get some on here, and take time out for yourself. And you look so little in these pictures, why are you worry'n about losing weight girl?? I know It's time for me to slack off (ha) gained alittle more then wanting during the holidays! Take care girl! Luv ya! Amber

Jessica said...

Wow! That must be Monica's house considering all the Rebel flag paraphinalia (or however that's spelled! lol)
You ARE doing the cute couple pose because you guys ARE DEFINETLY a CUTE COUPLE!!! You look like a doll Rachel! And you're out there pretending to be Ms. Hefty...hmmm! You look great!
Well, I don't have the height thing in common with ya, but my honey's so tall, he makes me feel short! WOOHOO! I just LOVE that!
Have an awesome day! Hope Jason's getting to feel better!