Thursday, January 04, 2007

My little men.
I don't know if you cn see this well, but my Sean chipped a tooth today...ouch what a face plant
Dusty nearly fell asleep while siting in his chair.
GROSS!!!! He was eating a snowman sucker......the BLACK hat made a mess.


Amanda said...

Adorable pictures. I love the black hat snowman picture...hehehe. Hey - I tried to call you around 10 this morning, but got your machine. Then I got so busy at church working, I haven't found any more moments to try to call ya. Now would be good kidwise, but I'm really behind on work today...yikes. So, I'll try again on Monday I guess...:(
Love ya!

Jessica said...

Lovely pics girley! I just love when you post pictures! The one of your "little men" is just adorable. I like how they're eating cereal together! What a cute memory for the both of them. And wow! He looks like he ENJOYED that sucker! haha

Anonymous said...

hey - did you get my last e-mail?? let me know! thanks amber