Thursday, March 29, 2007

Funny ....

Ok, so I overbooked a little!
Yesterday The lady that I am to substitute babysit for finally called me
(especially seeing how my first day is Friday)
She said that she will meet me today after 5:30.
Well, 1:00 Dusty has his shots.........
at 3:00 a friend's husband is dropping his kids off because he is having surgery and his wife is out of town...............
and then I had another emergency come up and will have 3 more dropped off in the evening!!!
The funny part is this lady is supposed to be seeing how well her son gets along with my children and she'll come here to a house with 10 children
I was laughing with a friend when I discovered what I did!
I'll post about it later if something funny happens!! ;-0


Amanda said...

Ha! Sounds like a BUSY day for you. Do let us know how that came out...should be interesting!

Sorry I didn't get to call yesterday - got wrapped up in what I was doing. Anyway, I should have time later this morning (I'd call now, but don't want to wake you if you happen to be getting to sleep in).

Love ya!

Jessica said...

Uh oh! You never let us know about Friday! I sure hope you survived it all! lol

Hope you guys are doing okay!!!! Love love love from us!

Amanda said...

are you up? can I call yet?

Rachel said...