Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Updates...sorry I'm so sporatic with my Blogs

  1. Hi y'all thanks for all the fun comments on my Blog.
You make me laugh and I am always so happy when I pull up my e-mail and find out that you all have commented on my site!
  1. Jess, thanks for the comments and YES I'm sorry I really am going to call you......HONEST!!! ;-) How is your littlest baby and is Ty walking everywhere? Are you feeling good with this pregnancy?
  1. Amanda, I'm sorry to hear that your attempt at home has led itself to failure and will now have to be taken into more experienced hands. You will need to make futher effort at keeping me up to date on your progress. "Good Luck"
  1. Amber, thanks for writing to me a lot. How have you been lately?? Is Gavin getting better or did his infection get worse? Please let know.

  • The kids are better but this weather is making allergies worse and people feeling weak and tired!
  • I'm such a grump lately....sigh! well, today is dark and rainy so I'm going to take it easy after I finish cleaning!
  • Love y'all

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Amanda said...

Aw. You do sound tired. I will try very hard to call you tomorrow...I love you, ya know - thanks for being a great friend!