Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Anniversary......*sigh*

My Anniversary was wonderful!!!!
Jason called in an order to Applebees and we dropped off the kids and picked up our food and quickly headed out of town .
We started to go toward Fellows lake but then he turned around and came back a block until we were facing this house and Jay asked if I wanted to eat here and I thought he was joking until I saw a table set up and Jay pulled over and stopped!!! WOW! I was shocked.
Apparently he (when he used to work for a rental co.) used to set up Tents and chairs, etc. here.....These people are always hosting weddings out here and Jason rented it out just for us!!!! Isn't that romantic. He had a large rose on the table.
We ate our food and then he brought out a LOT of photo albums and we Reminisced for a while and then we went walking. This area is awesome ..they had a stream flowing through the property and into their lake.
We sat down on a bench and he left behind a tree ,I thought he had to go to the bathroom, but he came back with a guitar!
He sang me a song (by the creek and the sun was setting).
He didn't write this one but we officially now have an "they're playing our song"! It was a Steve Green called Holding Hands (Steve wrote it to his wife). It was a a perfect song for us and fit us to a tee. After we went to a place called Fire and Ice and had a dessert. It was an awesome and most amazing day and I'll never forget it. I know that my description didn't do it justice but It was a great time.
(Jay was disappointed with the pictures because he took a half day off from work and set it up, but it was cloudy then and that's when he took the pictures. It was sunny and no clouds by the time we got there later that day)

This place is called Enchated Hills!


Anonymous said...

Awww... how sweet Rach!That is just awesome that he sat it up like that! I'm so glad you got to get out and enjoy yourself and just the two of you!! That is important for sure! It's just beautiful too! ttyl.... Luv ya! Amber

Rachel said...

Unfortunately there was a lot of damage from the ice storm that we had, but it was still beautiful

Phall said...

That is just toooo romantic, I'll share it with Steve and he'll just say, "Oh brother."
He is romantic but doesn't usually think of things like that. Just when we were dating. ;-)
How sweet, Congratulations.

Jessica said...

SUPER romantic! *loud applause for Jason* haha...He did good! I'm going to read your post to Ryan and see if it doesn't "inspire" him! haha... Hey, by the way, we were talking about coming down early again for family camp and staying with you guys Friday and Saturday night. Will that work with you all if you want to do that. Let me know!!! My comment ACTUALLY posted on Amanda's site FINALLY, so I"m hoping this works too, then I"m heading over to Amber's to see if it'll let me comment on her's now too! *fingers crossed* Here goes...

Amanda said...

Wow. That was an amazingly well thought out anniversary date! I'm with Jess on that *applause for Jay*... I'm so glad you had a good time.

Man, I need to call you soon...maybe I'll have time later...

Love you and miss you!!!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the commpliments girls...Jay was emmbarrased when I told him, but VERY pleased. He is the most thoughtful person and I know that I have and never will be disappointed with his dates(even if it's only to Micky-d's! ;-)
I love him tons more today then I did before we got married

Phall said...

Steve didn't say, "Oh Brother" like I thought he would, he said, "Thanks a lot Jay!" ;-) ha, ha.
I know what you mean about loving your hubby more than when you were married. Your love really does grow! And having kiddos really does grow you up!!! Phallin

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice pasture! The only thing missing was the cows! Not only is he romantic - he's cheap! Just kidding! (way to go Jay!) Next time, try a barn loft!
Bobby Canuck!