Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No pictures, but I will post some soon

First ...I have got to say...
I'll post a picture later, but they just had their third little munchkin.
She's adorable!!!!
Phallin went into labour 4 weeks early, but this is common for her.
She had little Emma Faith on Sunday the fourth of March!
She weighed 7 lb 3 oz
20 inches long
and as cute as a button!
Because you are all woman I'll give some detail...
Her water broke at 7 am and she went into labour at 7:30 (approx)
she went to the hospital and had Emma at 10:10 (approx)!!!
She went all natural and it went so fast (she normally goes about 16 hours)!
She did tear but is doing good otherwise.
Emma didn't have to go to the ICU (this is Phallins first baby that didn't have to go there and she also got to hold her baby right after and nurse her which she has never gotten to do before. Isn't that a blessing?)
Emma did have to spend 2 days in the hospital after she got home because she had a bad case of Jaundice! poor littl baby and it really was hard on Phallin, but now all is well and there at home basking in the "newborn world"!
We all have had a bad case of croup or some such junk in our house , but the kids are all doing tons better. It was bad enough though, that for a few days Dustin had to sleep in our room because he kept having troubles breathing..it was scary, like always! Now we're just struggling with getting everyone to stay in bed till past 6:30! We're doing pretty good.
Tonight I get to go out with the love of my life!!!!!
7 YEARS!!!!!
Jay said that "if the second 7 years go as great as the first 7, then.. I can't wait"!
Jay and I get to go to ...somewhere???? He won't tell me what we're doing but it sounds like fun and if jumping around and grinning like a fool is any indication then I think Jason is pretty proud of himself for what he's come up with!
He is always VERY good with planning our times together. he always has a knack for coming up with thoughtful and very unexpected ideas. I almost never guess what he's come up with, but it is always very precious!
I can't wait till we go. I'm leaving here at 5 p.m. and he said that we'll be gone till 10'ish!
well, I have to go
OH, I almost forgot
Dusty is finally decided that he doesn't want to be a baby forever (well....almost)
He's been walking everywhere! He still likes to hold his hands in the air, but he's been getting pretty confident lately.
It looks so cute!
my baby is growing up ....after having a moment (on and off) over this I have now become very excited and man, like always, it is much easier having a walker! YEAH!
Love you all


Amber said...

AWwww... your little guy is growing up girl! I feel your pain! Brooklynn is trying to take steps so much now!
And isn't exciting that our hubby's like to plan that kind of stuff for us?? I just love it. I sure hope you and the kids don't get sick again girl, that is rough and scary! can't wait to find out what all you did! I know you had a blast though! ttyl..... Amber

Amanda said...

Well, it's good to hear from you and I just love how informative your long posts are. I'm glad things are getting better healthwise - and of course....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! We also had our 7 Year Anniversary on Sunday. We went out on Saturday, and Sunday was just wonderful. We were in church where we got married and I just had butterflies all day remembering it.... sorry, this is your post not mine...hehehe

I miss you terribly! Can't wait to see you all. Lots of love,