Friday, March 16, 2007

Sean's little sillyness....

Sean was noticing that I was putting a belt on him this morning.
(and seeing how is mind is ever full of snowman and other winter things)
He started to sing, " Jingle belt, jingle belt..."
He stopped when he heard me laugh and he said,
" Mommy thats too cute when I say...jingle BELT!"
Boy, isn't he full of himself!! ;-)
That's why we love him.....his honesty!


Amber said...

*giggle* How cute is that? Don't you just love the little things they say to us? And how neat their little minds work?! They are so precious, and grow up so fast.

Cindy said...

Hi Rach! This is terrific! Keep up the good work, and keep us posted as the the happenings around your home!

Jessica said...

Hey Rachel! If you're online, I just posted bedroom pictures! Thought you might want to jump over and see them!

"Jingle belt...Jingle belt!" That might be a new hit you know! haha...He's obviously heard you say "that's so cute" before! haha...I love it!