Monday, March 19, 2007

Dusty was up at about 8 with sean and they played quietly (believe it or not) till 8:30 than Sean got the girls up and they watched tv till 9:20(that means I got GREAT sleep) and then I fixed egg in a nest and called the kids and I wondered why Dusty wasn't coming and Jess said he stopped watching tv so I went to look for him and found him in this position "snoring"!!! Isn't that cute!!! The girls came and saw him also and they could barely stop laughing! I pushed his little feet back on the bed and covered him up. It's so cute to think that Dusty found his way back to his bed and fell asleep ???


Amber said...

Now it just doesn't come any cuter then this Rach! lol that is just sweet girl!

And you go! you got some good sleep!! Brooklynn's been sleeping through the nite, the last couple of nites!! wooohoo! it's been so nice! ttyl Amber

Amanda said...

As usual...HOW ADORABLE!!! It's so funny how many ways kids fall asleep - I seem to remember him doing this in his high chair too. You should do a scrapbook page of all his different "falling asleep" positions...

Hey, when I talked to you yesterday I actually had another question for ya. So I'll be calling you again later.

Love ya!

Cindy said...

Rachel, that looked similar to you...except there was usually a paddle along with it, except you weren't sleeping! lol

Anonymous said...

Bobby, You are just imagining things. You know that I never bent over to get spanks
My parents wouldn't wait that long they would just beat me where I stood...LOL!!!!

Love ya