Monday, April 23, 2007

A few updates and pictures.

This is McKayla with Dusty. I babysat her for a short while.
Dusty like playing with her...LOL!

I finally got pics on the wall...I'm still waiting on the mirror (it's by the toilet).

The camera did funny things to the room, but oh, well, you get the drift.

I'm very excited by finally not looking at blank walls.

This is across from the tub...what do ya think?

I'm in the spring cleaning mode!

We caught this little, food stealing, germ carrying, disgusting VARMINT !

I'm almost embarrassed to post this info!

OK, not such a flattering pic. Jess was a sweety and took this for me.

I know you can't see it in this but the bottom half is brunette and it's only the top part that's blond. I'll try to have Jay take a pic sometime.

ha ha..every time that the kids took my pic they took it from bellow and it always looked like I had a wide face! Oh, well....Maybe I do ;-).




Dusty had some blood drawn today for some Allergy test and he also had a x-ray done.

The x-ray was to see if what they saw last time was right or just off because he was laying down when they took it??? His trachea was a little more twisted than least that's what they said. If it was no biggie than why did we do another x-ray to look again??? I should find out this week about his results. I'll post then when I get them. Just keep praying



The girls had their first Dentist appointment only regret was "no camera" Arggg! I'll have to remember next time. The Dr. said that they had NO cavity's...YEAH! Brooke had a bit of an overbite on her back left side but no concerns right now. They were troopers.



I'm exhausted and I have every plan to go to bed right now and resist the urge to read till I drop...just to say I had "special" time...LOL! I have another appointment tomorrow for Jess to get re-fitted for her orthodic inserts and night braces @ 8:30 a.m. I don't know about y'all but I hate getting out at this time. I normally like to plan things with the kids for past 10. I just hate for any of us to be grumpy when we leave in a rush. My neighbor offered to watch the others for me so that was great. What a pleasant surprise. Well, speaking of sleep...Nighty-night!


Jessica said...

Oh goody goody! I'm SOOOO glad that you finally posted! I enjoyed your pics. Um...if that's an unflattering picture of you then I wish my unflattering pics turned out like that! Your face does NOT look wide! Your hair is SO long and pretty!

Keep us posted on Dusty! I didn't know Jess was wearing night braces...what are those? (Hmm...seems so familiar having those two names in the same paragraph...brings back old times) haha

Anonymous said...

Hey rach!
I LOVE LOVE your hair! Its way cute on you! That's what I'm gonna have done to my hair, Lighter on top and darker on bottom! I've already colored/high-lighted my hair, but would like some BOLD something put in it professionally! So I can't wait to have that done!! :)
But you look great for have 4 kids girl! Have a good day!

Amanda said...

Hey Rach! I thought I better post you a comment since you went to all the work of such a long post. hehehe First of all, I have to say ewwwwwwwww to that mouse. Gives me the creepy crawlies. But that is part of life I suppose.
YOU look GREAT in that pic, so I think you need to try a little harder at "unflattering" - I do like your hair. I should be getting a perm sometime this week. I'll post pics of that if it's not to frizzy...hehehe
Thanks for the phone call yesterday - I always enjoy talkin to ya even when its a bit hectic! I hope you are feeling better today. I'm so excited to get to see you at camp or after camp, however that turns out. Only 4 1/2 weeks til camp!!
I finally posted on my blog again. Sorry it takes me so long - ya'll just need to prod me a bit more to get me to git-r-dun *wink*. I better get to work. I'll talk to ya later - love you!!

Terry said...

Oh that dirty rat!!
That is one thing I won't miss about not going to Katy's
Those guys used to come out on the midnight shift and we would hear them running here and there!!
I am not afraid of snakes or spiders, but I do not like to have mice and rats running around!!
The thing is they come into the cleanest homes so it isn't your fault, Rachel that the creature was there!
How were you brave enough to take the picture?
I think I would have been running!!

Have a good day and don't work too hard!...Love Terry

Amanda said...

yoooohooo??? anybody home???? hmmmmm....maybe I better give you a call. Sure am missing you - can't wait til the end of this month!! I know you are busy right now with babysitting....but I'm gonna pester you anyway!!! What are friends for if not to bug you all the time?? hehe

Love ya!