Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Blog

I have a new Blog.....
It's more of a political / journal type than my Family blog is.
The link is on the right. The Blog is called "Norwood Family Values!" ;-)
The link is called "My new family discussions Blog"(or something like that?)
The purpose and topics of the Blog will change constantly.
Feel free to comment and share ideas.
I wanted something where I could just type out my thoughts, frustrations, and blessings!
I hope you enjoy at least some of it. I will sometimes type as I think and then I'll probably have to go back and change my mind, but it's sure to be fun.
The first few topics have been mostly serious, but not always.
Love you all and hope to hear from you soon.


Amanda said...

Hey, thought I'd let you is May 28 - June 1 (memorial day week).

We need to chat again soon. (The after camp thing is looking more and more possible....keep praying!) Love and miss ya!

Jessica said...

I went over and read your new family discussion blog posts! I keep checking both for new updates! Are you alive and well???

Terry said...

Dear Rachel...I love the color scheme of your new blog and now I have to look it over!!...Love Terry