Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WOW!!! Thanks Jess!

Kudos to Jess for helping me with my Blog, well, .....not helping ME so much as being the complete and total goddess of my NEW and improved TEMPLATE!
I like it! It's very different and stylish! I'll try the ivy thing later!
I'm also thinking of adding an attached Blog for just my pictures and letting this be my journal ONLY blog. What do you all think?
Have any of you heard of something called Advacare ?
I met an awesome lady at a church in Jeff City who uses and sales their products and she's NOT your typical health food junkie or herbalist. She is very down to earth and VERY sold out on the products that she uses and it shows. Do you all know about this stuff and what is your take on it?
I'm trying some tomorrow and I'm thinking of buying some Catalyst (one of the products) and trying it and seeing if it makes a NOTICEABLE difference. It is mostly Protein and is supposed to build your Muscle and which in turn will burn more calories and boost your metabolism and she also said that is especially works great for low calorie diet people (like me) because this type of diet doesn't give you enough Protein and so your body supposedly ends up burning muscle along with your fat and THAT won't help you loose weight because muscle BURNS fat!!!!
anyways It's past midnight and I'm going to bed, but I plan on spending some time on this tomorrow. Love you all!


Rachel said...


Jessica said...

HAHA! It worked Rachel!!! Good for you! The backslash thing works! YAY!!! I'm glad you like your blog...if you want a different template, just send me the link and I'll refix it. Let me know! Love love, Jessica

Amanda said...

I like the new look. Still considering doing mine...

Anywho - good to hear from you again. I may actually post on my own here in a minute...hehehe.
Let us know how that advacare works for you. Never heard of it.

Talk to you soon! Love ya!

Amber said...

Hey rach
i love the new look! yes i did color my hair and I LOVE IT!
ANd I have heard of that product you're talking about. Our preachers wife sales it. But she said the face product works great!