Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More of my life that I've failed to share....SORRY.

Jay took a few pics of pics
Aren't they cute...Dusty walked for the first time this day

Brooke had a Chocolate cake filled with Cherries and topped with a rainbow M&M's and cloud Marshmellows
Dusty's bruise to match his brother......He crawled down the steps (with me following) and thought he made it to the bottom and before I could catch him he fell. YIKES!
I'll post stories tomorrow, but pics will have to do for tonight!!!


Amber said...

Well yea for you...look at you posting so many pictures! hehe
That is a sweet picture of you and jay. You two look so sweet together! and i love the color of your hair too! ha was it recent?

ANd that cake looks really yummy too!

Amanda said...

Brooke looks just like you in that pic with her cake. And I love love love that family picture! Jess is adorable over there posing with you and I just love how Brooke is laying on her daddy's shoulder. Very sweet! I sure wish I could get my husband to do some family pics with us.

Jessica said...

Oh I love your pictures in this post! Who did them? Don't you usually get Picture People? I don't think we have them around here, but I need to check again to see if they've come in since the last time I checked. =) Very ADORABLE family! You guys are so great looking!