Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Brooke's b-day outfit
Aw....doesn't that break your heart
He wanted to be like Sean and wear Big Boy Underwear!!! LOL!!!
The girls wanted to help dress Dusty...Ha Ha!
Dusty is copying Brooke...this is their favorite "hide out"
You can't see them especially when they have a blanket tucked in the drawers to "hide" them ;-)


Amber said...

now Rach, that pic of Sean in those underwear is tooooooo CUTE!! I remember when gavin did that but he was so excited he got them on! lol
how cute!

Amanda said...

Sweet pictures. Thanks for posting all these - makes me even more excited to get to see you all. That pic of Dusty crying DOES break my heart. I just want to pic him and hold him and give him kisses to make it all better. Jessica is looking so much more grown up - so is Brooke, but with her pixi hair cut, she is still such a little girl. Very cute!

Love you - and see you soon!!!

Jessica said...

I love the underwear picture. It's just priceless and he's going to kill you for it one day. haha...He's getting a lot more older looking. And yes, the crying one is pitiful. Looks like the girls are having a hard time getting Dusty dressed. haha