Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Notice his head .....he fell off the bottom step...OUCH!
He thought his chin was bleeding. As soon as I took this picture he wanted to see it and then he started laughing when he saw it!
See my baby carrots! I have a garden! Shocking isn't it?!


Amanda said...

Hey there. That poor little bruised up guy. I only have a sec - Kayle and Ellie wanted me to post a message from them.....

Dear Jessica, I love you too and I hope sometime you can spend the night here. We'll see you soon. I want you to be excited to see me. Dear Rachel, I love you. I love Jason too. Love, Kayle

Brooke, please come to spend the night please at my house please so I can see you please. I'm gonna thank your house when i get to spend the night with you. I need to thank Jessica so she'll be excited that I get see her please. Love, Ellie

**Okay, I typed exactly what they said...if you can make any sense of it (Ellie tends to repeat Kayle if that helps...hehehe)

Love ya!! ~Amanda~

Jessica said...

Oh my word girls...these messages from the kids are cracking me up! Poor busy little Rachel, do you realize we'll see you day after tomorrow...VERY late of course but still. haha...I can't believe camp time is so near already. Um, Rachel, if you're going to call me before we come out there, tomorrow would be the prime time to do it cuz I have to interpret a graduation ceremony Friday morning, so I'm not sure what time I'll be home then. So, if you could, I should be here all day tomorrow(thursday) if you want to give me a ring.