Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Welcome Baby Abby Jones....

She is so cute... she looks a lot like her big brother.
She is very petite.
Her Mom, Jennifer is the girlfriend that I am helping(or she's helping me) watch her "babysitting job" kid!
She ended up having to have a C-section and is recovering very slow...OUCH!
Please pray for her. She is a very awesome friend and a very sweet person and I hate to see her in pain.


Amber said...

Awww.. what a sweet little baby!
I hope the mom recover's soon and all is well with her! Is she having problems?
I was blessed I had two c-sections and had great, speedy recovery's with both of them!

Amanda said...

Bless her heart. Tell her I'll be praying for her. My sis-in-law had c-sections and I know that was hard on her. On the up side - she sure did make a beautiful baby!! What a dainty little doll - God sure knows how to bless us mommies after all that hard work of growing them.

Jessica said...

Aw she's just a little sweetie! I can't wait for my own sweet girl to get here! We had a mystery person leave a huge bag of baby girl clothes on our back deck. What a blessing!

Amanda said...

Oh, I love love love you new layout! It's awsome! Of course, you know, my favorite flower is the Daisy - love it~

I'm very busy with getting ready for camp!! It's coming so fast! Can't hardly wait....see you soon (I'm sure I'll be talkin to ya this week before we leave)!

Love ya!

Jessica said...

haha...Thanks Amanda...I hope Rachel loves loves loves her new layout too. I changed it and her counter WITHOUT her permission. Thought she'd enjoy the cute surprise. I couldn't resist when I found this cool layout! It had Rachel written all over it. She should have known better than to trust me with her password the first time. lol =) Hope you like it too Rachel! =) See you Friday night Lord willing.

Rachel said...

It took till today to figure out what in the world was so cool about my blog that Amnada didn't catch it the first many times around!!! LOL!!! I just now realized that Jess changed it on me!!I am SLOW...real SLOW!
It's cute Jess....thanks you little twirp! You just can't trust some people these days...;-) lol!
It's going to become my very own "mystery" blog. Everytime I get on, I get a surprise...what fun!
Na na na na na! on all you. Only blondes can get to have this much fun...right Amanda? oh, I forgot...I'm a red head now...oh well...I tried! ;-(
Love you all and thanks for commenting on my sparsley written blog!

Anonymous said...

I like the baby pictures.
She is so cute.