Monday, June 11, 2007

Catch you up on my life (what I can remember of it anyways)

Well, well, well......where do I start???

I am so far behind at this point that I should probably introduce myself to you again ;-)! lol!

I happen to be a haggard Mother of 4 children, 2 of which are sick. I am struggling with sleep deprivation (to be specific it's called Motherhood), a multitude of other disorders, namely.....backache/neck pain, woman-after-birth issues, teeth problems, sick children, and well, ....maybe I'm going through a mental illness that will miraculously cure itself in about 17 years ..just in time to celebrate menopause AND a MID-LIFE CRISIS!? yeah!

The good thing with mental illnesses is that somehow we're so "oblivious" to our surroundings that we happen to be blessed with happiness and tons of forgetfulness(thank goodness). If we weren't we would never have more than one child because of the pain we go through during labour and later raising them. God's gift of amnesia is what helps us look back on labour, child rearing, and housework with fond memories and say to ourselves and others that we would gladly do it all over again!! Yes, that action alone is what confirms our mental illness.
On a more serious note, I really do love my babies and husband!
I hate the PMS that makes me dislike it occasionally, but in this expertise of our life (I'm speaking of being a mother)I find that we relate a lot to our husband. This thought is pretty cool.
Most men are very focused and they love a challenge, well...when I have a lot to clean in the house or I'm training the kids I also find myself very single minded and ready for a CHALLENGE.examples: I can't stop until I find out whats causing an attitude and how to best cure it. When the kids are sick I'm sure that I don't do much else around the house and Jay probably notices my absentmindedness on more than one occasion. Isn't this the very thing that we women find ourselves upset by, with our husbands....Good thing that men are not as emotional as women or we would find ourselves in a lot of trouble. Ha ha!
I am amazed how much patience my husband has and it's even funnier when he says the same thing to me. I just love that we were just made for each other.
****don't tell me that y'all don't get sentimental after you've had your monthly occurrence. Especially ones that causes "disturbances" in your household and suddenly you find yourself finally coming out of your moody fog to realize that your family has been angels for dealing with it so well. Wouldn't that cause you to write the same thing!??? (lol!)****...well, wouldn't it?
I'm currently awaiting my youngest child to surrender himself to the blissful grasp of slumber. Then I can then proceed to put the other children in their rooms and await that wonderful moment in time when they are all DREAMING; happy, little dreams! OK,...maybe I'll just settle on them not getting out of bed more than once. Then I will have quiet time, who knows maybe I'll even stand in the corner or take a nap? There is nothing stopping me! After an evening of this I'll feel like taking on the world....OK, ...maybe that's a little far fetched , but what about a mound of ironing a mountain high?
Who says Mothers don't have high expectations?!
Well, the time has come to stop this ridiculous amount of run-on sentences, crazy thoughts, and a sad use of the English language.
I am now going to attempt to distribute the kids to their assigned places and await that moment in time when they will sleep and I will EAT!
*remember, us insane people are not accountable for what we say*
Love you all!


Jessica said...

Goodness must have had a really long day. You crack me up how you ramble on your blog. I enjoy reading about all your craziness...makes me feel like I'm not alone. haha Hope your kiddies all get it that virus that was going around when we were there? Ty has had a cold and congestion, but no puking. Macie, on the other hand, has decided night time is the BEST time to be up and kicking the daylights out of me. Last night I laid awake for over an hour while she did gymnastics, I finally got up, took one of those yucky tums that you guys donated to me...haha...and fell asleep sitting up in the chair. Fun times of the third trimester. See, I could ramble on and on too! So now you don't have to feel alone either! haha

Amber said...

well I enjoy your craziness rach... I was thinking the other day, I think I would GO CRAZY if i didn't have the internet, that is how i keep my sanity is what i tell my husband!
My kids are doing all better now! Glad that swing of sickness is over! And that i'm feeling well again too. hope your's get better also, and you get some sleep!!!
~ Take care ~

Maries Cottage said...

Hey Rach,
Haven't seen you in forever hope you are doing good! I actually posted a couple of posts on my blog, nothing personal, just about products. Yipeeee! ;-) haha, Phallin