Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do you ever feel like Eeyore???(off of winnie the pooh)

Actually, all is well right now, but man, I've had my moments!
Sean has been sick all day today. We woke up with a high fever and it's not really changed all day! It's cute the moment he gets under 102 he smiles and says "I'm better now Mommy".
BUT if he's above 103 hes completely lethargic...poor little guy!
Dusty has been a royal "PILL" today and has been quite a challenge, while at the same time I'm dealing with a headache verging on a migraine...OUCH!
How are all of y'all doing? I loved , loved, loved visiting with Amanda and Jessica!
We all had a great time together! I have mentioned visiting y'all a few times already to Jason, but I don't know a for sure answer yet?! I'll keep you posted!
After all Amanda got to sleep in Jess' closet...why can't I? ;-P .....LOL!!!!!
Girls, I'm selling Advocare now! My website is www.advocare.com/07061773 !!
I ended up losing 10 pounds and quite a few inches with this product(Catalyst).
It's not a diet pill, I still had to exercise and diet to some extent...I didn't do it as much because we were busy, but I still was able to lose more than with diet and exercise alone!!
I'm so happy with it.It also helped my mood because when I was off it I couldn't figure why I was getting so much more moody. Jay recognised it and told me to get back on the product and it's great..... I'm glad I gave it a try. Jay also said that it really allowed him to not have to use as much insulin because it actually made his body use his insulin better than it was without the Catalyst. He's also going to start taking it. They also have this drink called "Spark" and it's quite good. It's sugar free and has the same amount of caffeine in one cup as a cup of coffee has and more vitamins than any other energy drink. Jay said that when he was using it he felt the effects for almost 2 days without that "after coffee buzz". He felt more alert and energetic, but not edgy just relaxed and awake!
We are going to stay on these 2 products for another few months and put the kids on an immune booster of sorts and see how it goes!?
I'm hoping that others find the same great effects that we got and that it helps them. I'm NOT a herbal junkie or anything like it, but I do find that this really helped to get my body back to what it use to do......it use to WORK properly!!!
Please pray for this to help others and that maybe it will help us pay off some debt!
Good night....I've got go sleep off this headache!
Maybe it's my hair..I know that Jay get headaches if his hair gets too
LONG! I have been think about cutting it to right above my shoulders and layering it so that it will have lift and also be able to put behind my ears without looking plastered down.
It's soooo heavy and I think it's making sleeping worse . Mostly it's my pillow, but my hair probably isn't helping. I'm actually scared of cutting off my hair and not liking it. It takes so long for it to grow and ..I don't know...I haven't decided yet?!
What do y'all think?


Amanda said...

Bravo! Yet another long, informative, and captivating post from our dear Rachel! I miss you! Those poor boys can't seem to catch a break - and neither can their poor little mommy...bless your hearts! I sure hope all goes well at the dr for you tomorrow.
To answer your question, I had my MRI on Monday and will find out the results at the dr tomorrow. I will post and let ya'll know.
That spider email you sent....ahhhhhh!!!! I already have arachnaphobia (sp?) - now it's even worse. Yikes!

I have to say, I know it's hard - the whole hair issue. Yours is so long and beautiful! But, when i had my hair cut short - NO headaches at all and certainly no migraines....my hair is still not fully grown back out, but much longer than last summer - already I'm back to getting headaches. So far, only one bad migraine, but I'm wishing I could chop it again, cuz I know it'll only get worse as it grows. But my husband wants it long....(sigh).
Good luck on deciding!
Oh, that other question you had...about the other thing? I'll tell you about it on the phone. I think maybe it's back to normal - not sure completely, but it's okay I think.
Gotta get to bed. Talk to you Thursday maybe?? Love ya!!

Maries Cottage said...

Hey Rach,
I am really interested in your Advocare!!! You'll have to tell me more about it sometime. Hope your little kiddos get better soon!
We are taking Emma to the doc today to look at some things we are concerned about.