Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dusty story and more

I have posted inmy other Blog and I talked about Dusty's story...
Dusty had to sit in the back room during church last week because he wasn't completely better. I had to do choir so I asked a friend to sit with him till I was done.
When I got back she said, "You didn't tell me that Dusty was potty training?"!!!!
WEll, Boy, was I surprised...I tried to spit out that he wasn't and then I remembered that he had on Seans underwear before church (found out later Jay took them Off before we left) I thought this was what she was talking about!
She started to explain that while he was fussing she asked him if he needed to go potty and he shook his head yes and so she took him, but changed her mind and walked out. He really started to fuss then and so she took him back in and took off his diaper and set him on the pot.
Imagine my surprise!
I just started laughing.
well......when we got home I asked him agin just to see and he said yes again , sooooo
I put him on, he made and effort at pushing, and he WENT again!
He's done this a few more times since.
I don't know if I'll pursue this , but it sure is cute!
The girls are getting pictures done with their cousins. MeMaw wanted to do this. It should be cute pics.
Well, I'd better go and get them ready.
Love you all.
Jess, switched my blog template.....I'm bored again!
Surprise me with something vibrant
I'll be waiting
lol! ;-O

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