Thursday, June 21, 2007

My appointment

They think that all feels well and the only thing that I regret that I didn't have them look at was my belly..I wanted to see if they could explain the lumps I feel sometime. I know that sounds like a stupid thing to forget, but I just forgot and because everything else went well I didn't think to bring it up.
I am still waiting for the results to the pap smear test (what a gross name)!
I was told that had I been 35 he would consider the possibility that it would be Cancer, that took me quite off guard and all thoughts kinda rushed out of my mind. He said that because of my age it was most likely hormone related and I am going on birth control.
I really don't like birth control (we can't have kids anymore , so it's NOT for the same reasons as before). I told him that I heard that birth control causes cancer and he said that for older women it can raise their chances by a minimal bit and drops back down after being off it. For younger women it actually reduces their risk to common cancers (uterine, endometriosis, etc) by 50%!!! PLUS I only have to be on it for maybe 6 months or until my body gets back to normal. (whatever normal is...LOL!)
I'm still not sure how the birth control will affect me....we'll see, won't we?

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Amanda said...

I hope it works for you...sometimes I wish doctors could be just a little more conclusive and thorough, ya know. Isn't that what they get paid for?? hahaha

Thanks for the short chat the other day. Miss you lots!!

Love ya!