Friday, June 22, 2007


Since posting through Jason's work place I have had more
questions about this product than I expected.
I have had 3 work women ask about it
2 guarantee me that they'll buy it
and my neighbor has voiced interest in it for her and her friends and family!
It's only been since yesterday!
I'm praying that this will benefit others and my goal is to at least get money enough to pay for our own products. It's a small goal , I know, but something I'm shooting for.
I have a tendency to go at these things slow.
I'm back on my product and feeling great.
Jay has been subbing his Coffee for Advocare's SPARK!
He really likes it. I'll keep you posted for his changes.
When Jay took Catalyst he found that he didn't have to use as much insulin because this helps his body to absorb his Insulin better and that's great.
Anyways I just wanted to give everyone an update.
I have a link for my site on the right under Favorite Links (I think) ;-)


Maries Cottage said...

Hey Rach,
That's'd you like the message I left on your phone??? ;-)
P.S. Don't forget to advertise your website on craigslist. And I am really thinking about advertising my business in PennyPower.

Maries Cottage said...

Is it safe to take the catalyst and others while nursing? Thanx, Phall

Amanda said...

Well, To respond to your comment about the pics I posted of you....
"I'm shakin in my boots!!" hahaha

I hope all is well at your house. My house is a mad house right now. For some reason the kids are very into disobedience right now...grrrr. Plus, I have a killer headache behind my eyes. So I'm headed off to the bath as soon as I get these kids to bed for naps!

Have a great day! Love ya!