Tuesday, July 03, 2007


My first pair of culottes for the girls.
Yup, amazing, but I actually , started and attempt at sewing.
Dusty on the potty.....he's trying to grow up before I'M ready for him to.
The little "stinker"...no pun intended.;-)
My cutie pie


Amanda said...

Well, great job on your culottes! I could never make anything that great...oh well.

Hopefully this means Dusty will be a breeze to potty train! He's off to a good start - how is Sean doing with it?

Have a happy 4th tomorrow! Love ya!


annie said...

Cute culottes!
Thanks for visiting my recipe blog. It is just my recipes, I don't have a restaurant. A friend emailed that sign and I thought it would be a cute background.
Hope you have a great day.

annie said...

That sounds great, I'd love it!
(sorry to dash your hopes ;o)

I'm appreciate meals and recipes that wow my husband but take little time in the kitchen.

annie said...

I meant I appreciate meals. See, I started to write I'm a fan of ...
and then changed it and forgot to erase the 'm. I know you had to know that. But, I'm so OCD I couldn't let anyone think I actually typed that on purpose :o)

annie said...

Thanks Rachel.
It does sound really good!
The only question I have is do you deep fry the cauliflower in just canola oil with no flour on it or anything?

annie said...

Hi Rachel,
You can read about Izzy (my daughter) by clicking on the link on my sidebar that says "izzy's story" ... that pretty much explains the whole thing. The other blog "prayforizzy" is just updates on her. That's really how I got started blogging.
I am trying to lose about 25 pounds. I am 6'1" so that is about a size, maybe two. I've lost about 5 pounds so far. I will probably raise my goal again when I hit this one. Good for you!
I'm glad you found my "home blog!"

Amber said...

well at least you'll try.. i HATE sewing! i mean HATE it.. hate sewing on a button.. the whole nine yards! haha..so good for you rach! they are look'n good to me! hehe
And YEA for your lil man..on potty training..Brooklynn has NO interest, though I sit her on it daily..
will ttyl!