Monday, July 02, 2007


Jay told me to cut my hair!!!!
We both agreed that if it got any longer then it would be too long!
I talked of it on and off for a while and he finally said "chop it".
He loves it. I also Love much easier.
I have to admit though, that, I have been feeling a little weird about all the attention my hair has gotten....LOL!
If someone where to just now get on my blog for the first time the first thing out of their mouth would be "conceited"!
Isn't hair fun to play with...I LOVED it when Jess cut her's, it was so cute.
'Manda is always doing something to her's (friend after my own heart..te he)
and Amber is thinking of butching her's. I really hoipe she does something drastic....just for fun!
Well, enough hair talk, I'll post a little later after I exercise. If I don't do this now I won't get it done. Love you all.

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Anonymous said...

lol you're so funny... my mom's like always highlite it before cutting it b/c that might "fix" your change that us woman need! haha so i did that friday, highlites and they turned out great, but am still feeling the need to DO SOMETHING ELSE...SO....
until next time..........
~ Amber ~