Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's me Rachel...
Ya, I'm finally posting again.
Y'all have inspired me to write a little and then later I have some pictures!
FIRST, I have to tell you about Dusty....
Dusty got "croup" again (4th time this year)
He was bad like always and ended up very lethargic for 2 days straight, so I took him to the Dr. office .
As soon as I called they said to come straight in. I was very relieved!!! They did some chest X-Rays, but he doesn't have Pneumonia(thank goodness), but they said that it does sound like Asthma, but they don't want it on his record and there is a big possibility that he'll just grow out of it, so in light of this they are going to treat it the same as asthma but title it different on his record!
I'm kinda relieved that we May have finally gotten to the bottom of this junk!
Pray that he starts feeling better...this just wipes him out!

Brooke also has a Dr appointment next week to see an E.N.T. (ear, nose, and throat Dr) and he's going to see if her hearing loss is due to swollen adenoids or tonsils and if that is not the case then she may get tubes in the ears or ???? I'll tell you what the outcome is later (pray for her too)

We're goin to a friend wedding in Jefferson City next week and Jessica is the going to be the flower girl. She is so excited. Because of the distance we have to spend one night maybe 2! It should be a lot of fun!

Yesterday was so beautiful outside that Jay and I spent most of the day outside working on getting the yard in order ! It was great and I'm only a little tired and sore (I'm also pms'ing so I'm surprised that I'm not dying! ;-) I also got a little color on my face. I did pretty good at protecting the kids . Sean was the only one to get some red on his neck.

I finally did it, I colored my hair like I said I was going to. It started a few days ago when Jennifer came over and I was dying her hair ULTRA blonde and she had 2 boxes of color because we have tried dying her hair many times and it just wouldn't take so she had a backup plan. Anyways she didn't need the second box so she said that she would highlight mine. Well it was late so I agreed ;-)

It kinda turned out a little on the orange side....AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Ithought it looked great in the house, but I found out when I ment outside that it looked a little scary!! LOL! soooooo, I went to my trusted hairstylist and she put some caramel color on it, to tone down the bad color, and it looks cool. She also gave me a great's still long , but a lot of layers. I'll post a pic sometime. I kept the brunette color on bottom and just put caramel highlights on top...It's fun! I love it!

Well, I think that's my latest updates for now...I'll talk at you later. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

That's so funny rach,
I colored my hair last nite!! I love to make changes to my hair. So I decieded to do it darker, and later put some high-lites in! I like it, b/c it's something different I've gotta try and fix now! (hair) haha
take care! Amber

Jessica said...

OH I just have to see a pic of your new hair!!!POST PICTURE! POST PICTURE! lol...Your poor little baby being sick like that. I hope everything goes okay with Brookes ears. And I remember the excitement of getting to be a flower girl.
It has just been beautiful outside! I'm LOVING it! I've been wanting to get my hair done too. I'm dying to have some layers put into it, but I'm afraid that I'll just HATE it. It'll grow if I do I reckon! lol
Till later!

Amanda said...

Hey girlie! Please do post pics of your hair - I had mine lightened and then put some wispy blonde highlights in, but it's not very drastic I don't think.

Anywho, I hope the kids all get better soon - mine are finally starting to recover. I hope it stays away this time. Our weather has been gloomy and dreary with rain - but at least it has been warm.

Hey, you know that thing we talked about on the phone last time? Well it didn't work out too well...I'm thinking professional might be the only way to go with it. Oh well. Live and learn.

Talk to ya later - gotta go fix lunch! Love ya!