Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is my friend Jennifer (she's due to have a baby in May)
she loooks like her hair is going to be BLUE!!! We laughed so hard about this, but we were happily surprised to find out that it was Blonde in the end.....It was a great evening!
This is Dusty's first full attempt to feed himself with a fork!
He did pretty good!!!! LOL!


Jessica said...

Wow...he's got food in his eye! haha.. He looks like he's very excited about the job he did of feeding himself. Hey girl, I thought you were going to call me. *raises eyebrow*

Terry said...

Oh boy Rachel...This baby is almost as messy as Ty was when he was eating all those carrots!!

Did you know that the fourth Jenette Oke's DVD was out? We picked ours up at Walmart,and it is really good because the father of the first DVD comes to see his daughter and son-in-law on the cattle ranch..

Well this has been quick but I DID want to say hi to all of you girls before I go to work for a 19 hour shift. Take care and I will come back again..

You know Rachel...It is so nice that you have "My Manitoba Roots" on your links. I really have to start and do a little work on that one. Thanks!!...Love Terry