Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some pictures of the wedding and home

The ring bearer, Flower girl, and the 2 girls on the right were carrying the "Train"
They were trying to keep was about 40' outside!


This was outside the Governors Mansion in Jeff city.

Dusty was officially the "baby" today...the little twerp just got to sit back and read a book...LOL!

Oh, and I almost forgot his snack time.





I am finally in the rearranging mood again!

I'm moving furniture and hopefully going to put pictures up in the bathroom!

I'll post later to see what y'all think. I have a feeling that I may do this a few times before I really like it.

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Jessica said...

Adorable wedding pics of Jessica. She's such a cutie! And the pics of Dusty getting to be the baby are pretty sweet too! Can't wait to see you guys before family camp! We'll have to talk before then to discuss the when and all that.