Thursday, June 28, 2007

My hair is.....GONE!!!!

BEFORE. Man, I honestly didn't know if I could cut it today. I was nervous..believe it or not.
Jess did a good job of taking these pics.
Well, 11 inches later.....
Phallin was taking my pic and she's a Hoot to be with.
She asked all sorts of things from me (hence the laugh...;-)

I gave it to her good.

About a second later, I couldn't stand it any more and burst out laughing.

Love you Phallin...Thank you!!!


Maries Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, I knew how good it looked when you came by today, but the before photos really confirmed it, WOW! you look awesome, such a professional Mommy, excuse me "Home Executive"!!!

Amanda said...

I love it~ I posted one on my blog too... I just happened to pick one that you didn't post - yeah!

I do love it - I bet it feels great!

Love ya!

Jessica said...

OH you just look TOO cute! But I'm sure you read that in my email of those pics too! Makes me have "haircut" fever! lol...Love ya, Jessica

Amanda said...

One question... what does Jay think???

annie said...

Thanks for stopping by Rachel & I love your hair cut! I probably need to go get mine all cut off too...
Have a great weekend (what's left of it) and a wonderfully joyful Sunday.

Mama Russell said...

Too cute! I betcha it is easier to care for now. Less shampoo and all that. :-) Thanks for sharing the pics!